Hindu Dharma

Pandav Vidhya Shala has established a strong track record of students passing GCSE in Hindu Dharma to develop and enhance the core values of Hindu Dharma.

Govind class (ages 3-7): Students learn basic Hindu values, Hindu symbols and sanskars. They get an understanding of our Hindu Gods/Goddess and festivals through play, drama, singing, storytelling and different activities. To get a full understanding of Hindu morals and how it helps them in everyday life.

Shyam class (7-11): Students are now get an understanding of the basic pre GCSE definitions, how festivals are celebrated and gain an understanding of how Hindu Dharma is a way of life. Students gain confidence and learning how the 16 Hindu Sanskars benefit them and provide Motivation, Leadership and Strength to achieve the highest in life.

Madhav class (12 plus ): Students follow the Hindu GCSE syllabus from Edexcel board covering 2 Modules, they are taught by qualified Hindu GCSE teachers with wealth of experience attaining High GCSE achievements.

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