Dhol & Tabla

We teach Dhol & Tabla to students in a fun, friendly and creative environment where young people have the freedom to develop a love and appreciation for music. We build on fundamental musical skills that are continually developed throughout their time at the Pandav Vidhya Shala.

Dhol & Tabla classes are kept small to establish musical understanding and good habits from the beginning. Through regular homework and continuous assessments we ensure children develop to their full potential. Students are expected to practice their Dhol & Tabla for 10-15 minutes at least four times per week. If pupils reach the required standard they can be entered for graded exams during the summer term.

We also train students in performance skills, learning to recite music on stage is about much more than just 'playing the right notes'. After acquiring this basic technique the complex skill of musical expression and style is developed.  Through self-awareness students are taught to review their performance, to listen and match note lengths with other players and to constructively examine their peers.


It is never too late to learn Dhol & Tabla, a non-exam based flexible program is available for adults.

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