Pandav Vidhya Shala has established a strong track record of students passing GCSE in Gujarati and develop the ability of the children to be able to read, write and speak Gujarati.

Bal Gopal class (age 3 -5): Children learn through interactive flashcards, games, singing through play – focusing on the key skills of Speaking basic sentences and learning all alphabet and numbers.

Sahadeva class: Students focus on writing, letter formation and word recognition. Building on topics such as; learning to tell the time, learning body parts, fruits and vegetables.

Nakula class: Students having achieved a full understanding of the alphabet, they progress to learn the vowels allowing them to form simple sentence and to start reading short sentences.

Arjun and Bhima class: Students start to combine grammar and punctuation and build full confidence in their reading/writing skills.

Karan and Yudhistra class: Students focus on the foundation GCSE level and building their bank of OCR words and getting full understanding of their expectations for GCSE’s.

Dhronacharya class: Students start the GCSE classes where they focus on the different writing formats expected at GCSE level. Our Qualified GCSE team, including our in house OCR Oral examiner are fully focusing on the 4 skills, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing to attain top GCSE grades.



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